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Pro-genesis Bowl

Very similar to our predecessor, "the progeny bowl" (information on the progeny bowl can be found here It is very much in advance of the earlier ecosystem in that it has the capacitance to get ahead of the incoming air contaminants....keeping the water pure and as such creating a kind of clean air bubble/oasis immediately around it.

Its major uses include:

  • Indoor air quality detection
  • Housing place for fish and shrimp
  • Beautiful Indoor decoration
  • Distribution of positive energy

Pro-genesis bowls can also house more fish and shrimp, and only need to be fed once a week.....which actually stimulates the system to function more efficiently.

Make-up water is 'Reverse Osmosis' water which alternating with tap water 50/ help provide sufficient mineral content for the additional plants in the island.

The system can, but does not need to be misted with 'RO' water.