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Outdoor Eco-Landscaping

We have developed our own very unique approach to how we apply our skills to outdoor landscaping, in particular, to our most true version of eco-landscaping.

Our skills have all been derived from what we have learned from our success in achieving our truly sustainable and exotic indoor “Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem” expressions……”Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem Walls”, Breathing Walls and Umbilicals.

Along with these skills also come ecological ‘harmonic’ technologies, based on mutual symbiotic principles…the foundation to all successful highly evolved ecosystems….like the Rainforest

These we apply to our outdoor expressions / project rigorously!

These expressions take shape in many forms:

1) Directly as applied replicas of the indoor technologies developed.

2) Modified replication of the indoor technology to accommodate climatic conditions, shade and sun conditions, as well as, plant selection.

3) Design applications derived from successful mutual symbiotic patterning indoors applied to outdoor expressions.

4) Multiple Biome expression for optimal biodiversity……waterfalls, bog and pond…multiple garden expressions as ecosystems and their successful transitional interfacing of each other.

5) Effective layering of plant material in harmony to protecting and working with each other.

As well, we incorporate the reclamation of leaf and wood material as litter / future nutrient, including yearly addition of mulch. The soils are being built and the garden as an ecosystem is brought into union.

These Ecosystem gardens are resilient and truly sustainable, as well as, powerfully beautiful and exotic; and organize themselves, with time; into being virtually maintenance free……they are a lot less work than if you had to cut a lawn.