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Q: How much do your units cost?

A: Most of our units are custom made, so the costs are dependent on the specifications of the individual client. In general, the initial cost of our product is higher than other traditional green walls, however the health benefits, low maintenance, durability and self-sustainability of our product will in reality make it more affordable. The maintenance costs of the competition could easily pay for a ‘whole’ new installation by Genetron within a few years. If you are looking for specfic numbers please contact us at or call (416)665-8155

Q: Why is the Diagnostic Program so important?

A: Because the plants and fish are originally grown in an artificial environment (i.e. hormone enhanced and chemical growth) they must be re-educated on how to function as an ecosystem. The adaptation program is designed to help them to live harmoniously. The first three years consists of a weaning process to help the system to achieve self-sustainability and progress to a ‘High Order’ Ecosystemic expression

Q: What is Hydroponics?

A: Hydroponics is a horticultural technique of growing plants without the use of soil. Our plants grow in rock wool, which is made from melted and then spun basalt (lava rock), and also lava rock pebble substrate. The healthy, nutrient-rich water in our systems is used to keep the rock wool constantly wet, from which the plants can soak up the nutrients they need to survive.

Q: What is Reverse-Osmosis?

A: Reverse-Osmosis is a water filtration system that uses a membrane to remove unwanted chemicals and particles from water.

Q: What is a HVAC system?

A: HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It is the condition in which a large system is implemented into an office or home which will take outside air for it to be regulated for temperature and pressure. Fresh air in a HVAC system is strongly dependent on where the system is vented to, and how fresh the air is outside of where they are located. (For example if the HVAC is taking air directly from outside of a building which is next to a construction site then the air taken in might not be as fresh as it is intended).

Q: What is zero nutrient?

A: Similar to high order ecosystems, we allow ecosystems to work itself out to create its own nutrients so we don't have to add nutrients that would cause more contamination.

Q: What does synergistic mean?

A: To work together in a creative, innovative, and productive manner.

Q: What does paradign mean?

A: A pattern of concepts (which can lead to habits or tendencies)

Q: What are biomes?

A: Biomes are a major ecosystem that take control over a large area of the world

Q: What is an ecosystem?

A: An ecosystem is a community of living organisms such as plants, and animals that work together with non-living organisms in the environment in order to survive.

Q: What is Sick Building Syndrome?

A: A combination of ailments associated to where you work or live. It is usually caused by poor ventilation, chemical contaminants, as well as biological contaminants (such as Viruses, molds, pollens, and many types of Bacteria). Sick building syndrome can be frequently pinned down to the poor ventilation of a HVAC system.