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Our Vision

"I am the possibility for the transformation of humanity through harmony with nature".





Genetron's commitment is depicted in their logo, Neptune's Trident (as man) piercing the “Yin Yang” symbol, representing man's responsibility and purpose to achieve higher degrees of harmonics between the discordant forces.

We accept the challenge, commitment and faith are required to create the mindset to integrate the diverse explosion of distinctions science has spawn to this point in time. This integration allows for complete expression and incorporation of every distinction into the whole. “A harmonic unity of expression achieves a new level of consciousness”.

Conventional science assumes that when an important element, mineral or trace element is missing in an ecosystem the element becomes a limiting factor to growth in that ecosystem.

Our experience leads us to believe that a high order ecosystem has phenomenal capabilities of correcting itself and finding ways of sustaining itself, growing into, invading, and altering the most adverse conditions, generating greater and greater life supportability. In other words it has a remarkable ability “to bridge gaps”. Furthermore, this “bridging the gap” is Alchemy itself, where the ecosystem replaces the need for the actual material chemical with an electrical or vibrational/frequency signature, that replicates the function of the material chemical; this “resonance” can be maintained and sustained when the ecosystem is sufficiently “vital”.

There is a price to be paid for this “bridging of gaps”. The size of the bridge or the number of smaller ones required, will determine the draw on the vitality of the system as a whole. As long as the ecosystem is in its highest and most vital expression, the “bridging of gaps” or the Alchemic Process may even be a welcoming stimulus to vitalize, grow and expand the “self organizing and self healing” auto immune aspects of the ecosystem as a whole. This would lead to greater adaptability and sustainabiliy in itself.

The key to sufficient vitality in an ecosystem is based on a powerful culture of “mutual symbiosis” or a field or love/cooperation for the greater good. This is also expressed in the coordination of optimal high diversity of species as typical of a “high order ecosystem”. Typical of the high order ecosystem is also the “nutrient desert” factor or the zero nutrient expression in the water and air medium of the ecosystem.

Our harmonic technology seeks, not to futher encumber this mechanism, but looks to support and enhance its function, by helping the ecosystem to achieve its high order status as a truly sustainable example of cooperative harmonic technology.


Written by Wolfgang Amelung


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