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The purpose of the ‘umbilicals’ is to create multiple smaller healthy living ecosystems throughout the building, including remote locations, that are connected to a larger main ecosystem.  A person then feels like they are living inside a living body with veins (the umbilicals) and a heart (the pump), pumping out fresh blood (the water) and taking back spent or used blood (water) to be purified and oxygenated.

Instead of a normal HVAC system inefficiently pumping out, thousands of cubic feet per minute of air (not necessarily fresh), now a ¼” or ½” line can pump out a few gallons of ‘hungry’ fresh water per hour, to absorb all the carbon dioxide and pollution, while releasing oxygen back into the space.

All that is needed within each area are ceiling fans, for air movement to allow for adequate transpiration of the plants --- this is how plants ‘breathe’! This is also how the spent air passes by the ‘umbilical’ ecosystem to help absorption into the water.

Ideally incorporating decentralized heating and cooling possibilities within the space.


With a large enough main ecosystem and its ‘umbilicals’, throughout a space, a building can be totally sealed and have fresher air inside than outside.