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Custom Design-Build Services

We are working with technology, creativity to bring nature into your space. These rainforest ecosystem are designed to function within the constraints of your space and to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the indoor/outdoor environment.

All units are built by hand in our facility to support the highest balanced ecosystem to sustain delicate and exotic fish and plant species. These units are then installed and maintained to continually grow and prosper with your space. The Breathing Wall™ and all related products are designed, built and maintained by us.

Our indoor ecosystems are based on a rainforest and may include the full-scale Breathing Wall that actively purifies air, portable, preassembled rainforest ecosystem walls and peripheral attachments or umbilical units. We are also able to develop exterior versions of this technology in the form of ponds, planters, and gardens. As well, the development of chemical-free swimming pools.