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Our Business Ecosystem

Genetron believes that our installed "Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystems" are a mirror reflection of the health of their surroundings. As a company, we are committed to a mutual understanding between ourselves and you, the client, to create the opportunity of an optimal sustainable example of our technology. We recognize our responsibility in giving life to this living system; we oblige a ten year relationship of education and maintenance in order to successfully allow our rainforest ecosystem to flourish in its full potential.

As a part of that we create an environment where we work together with other individuals and companies who have the same ideals as we do in order to create a sustainable relationship between what we do and everything else that revolves around it.

Our partners in the creation and maintenance of our systems are;

Peapod Life - Creators of indoor garden living spaces

Peapod being a company that works to create living indoor gardens, have come together with Genetron being the expert in the design of all living ecosystem expressions (including food production) to create something that will allow organic food production in a home. With Genetron's contribution to the living space the gardens will be its sustainability, the building will improve in aesthetics, more positive energy will be brought to yourself and people around you, and breathing space will improve giving you a healthier body and life.

Visit their website at

Harold - Managerie Pet shop

Harold, manager of the fish department and also one of Genetron's best suppliers for all aquatic fish and water plants for our systems. Imports rare and exotic species for Genetron projects.

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Ned Allam - Array Archietect

Ned is part of a contracting and designing firm that has come together to work with Genetron in bringing forth new ideas and projects that will eventually expand into a larger vision that works to bring in the idea of new green technology that people can't live without. Ned's firm is commited to creating a sustainable Leed's approved architecture.

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John P. Zemlo - Edison lighting Group

John P Zemlo, provider of Genetron's lighting for our ecosystems, His lighting has become a major aspect required for our ecosystems to thrive and results have proven through our plants that Zemlo's lighting is significantly better than normal lighting and is something plants can't live without.

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Reverse Osmosis Supplier - Water Quality Solutions Inc

           Not Available

Reverse Osmosis is a necessity in a living ecosystem. Without it there would be no living water, living water is absolutely necessary for any plant survival as it produces a lot less chemicals and doesn't collect any unnecessary particles in the air.

Visit their website at...(coming soon)




Antonio - Cavaleiro Farms

Antonio, manager of Cavaleiro Farms is dedicated to revealing ecosystemic principles through the means of growing organic foods. Their principles with ecosystems brings a result which benefits his farm to be forever natural and sustainable. Cavaleiro Farms future is to introduce these organic foods into the city, and finding many different forms of teaching people the same ecosystem we believe in.

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