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Eco 101

Based on becoming the "I am the possibility for the transformation of humanity through harmony with nature" Eco 101 serves as the first class to achieving the "green thumb". In other words anyone taking this class will achieve a connection, sensitivity, and awareness to working with plants on a much higher frequency/efficiency than what the current society is able to provide.

In this course you will learn:

  • The exploration of “I am the possibility for the transformation of humanity through harmony with nature”

  • Fundamentals of the hands on of making of baskets

  • Further exploration of Alchemic processies and the creation and development of “green thumb” ability

  • Fundamentals of hands on planting of baskets and creation of true ecosystems

  • Understanding real sustainability and discovering the true principles of life

  • Questions and Answers

We are at a time where it is essential to take responsibility in our lives and for the planet as a whole; and to adapt to the rapid changes being faced today, through applications of sustainable long term solutions which present themselves in our "green thumb" ability and application.

“Ostritch with its head in the sand”, in society is to use recycling bins, compost bins, and other “conservative green ideas”. Such conservative approaches can only be seen as superficial bandaid applications in our exponentially accelerating changing world.

The many bandaid applications are short term solutions and will need to be changed frequently, meaning people will always have to create new ideas whenever today's rapid changes occur, putting us in a “behind the 8-ball predicament”. Eco 101 exists to provide long term solutions by the “hands on” building of high-order so to speak re-engineer our thought processies. These are also the processies of self empowerment, self healing, and self organization (who would've thought!).

 High-order ecosystems by definition are the highest expression in nature, are always adapting themselves, are self-sustaining, and are the foundation (life support systems) for all higher life forms.

This is not an initiative that gives you results through force, but a subtle system based on mutual symbiosis, using millions of organisms working harmoniously with each other to create working solutions.

By being as subtle as it is, the ecosystem gives empowerment and freedom to every expression (life form) as well as guiding itself in self organizing and self healing processies. With an individual, in this conciousness, a person becomes healthier in mind, body, and spirit.


One Year





In the first image on the left, the aquarium is a few months old and has water plants, a few fish, shrimp, and snails. There are Five newly created baskets that are hung from the glass in the aquarium. The image on the right is the result of the baskets in the aquarium after one year.