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Basic Principles

"I am the possibility for the transformation of humanity through harmony with nature".

Included in our pursuit in transformng humanity, we adapted to these additional principles which help demonstrate our commitment towards the goal.

Harmonic Technology

Our main vision is to create new, synergistic technologies that are in harmony with nature, going far beyond the ones that presently exist, and to transcend the existing ‘exploitation of nature’ paradigm.  By developing and applying these ‘mutually symbiotic’ and ‘harmonic’ technologies to our products, we aim to engineer beautiful, self-sustaining biomes that generate healthy, living fresh air.

True Sustainability

We focus on creating ‘true sustainability’  by designing compatible, synergistic technologies that allow our living systems to flourish and be self-sustaining.  Our systems generate healthy, living fresh air and once the ecosystem is complete and found its equilibrium, there is no loss of either plants or fish.

High Order Ecosystems

We aim to create ecosystems that are efficient and intelligent; that utilize cooperation and communication between living organisms to solve their problems, adapt and ensure their own survival.  We refer to these ecosystems as High Order Ecosystems because they have the ability to harness their environments and be self organizing and self determining.

Healthy Food Production and Human Survival

We are aggressively pursuing research and development in the area of “zero nutrient” food production.  With High Order Ecosystem principles and the ‘living water’, we will be producing the same as the world has done before us, the most nutritious foods ever.


Living things by their own definition have limited existences: no animals or plants can be guaranteed. They must grow, reproduce/regenerate, die, change and adjust to their given or new conditions and environment. read more