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Welland Retirement Home

Project: Welland Retirement Residence - Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem Wall

Year Completed: 2014

Location: Fitch Street, Welland, Ontario

Niagara Regional Housing requested that we build a "Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem Wall" at a Retirement home at Welland. Due to spacial restrictions, this installation could not be an indepth expression of the Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem. There are primarily only 2 biomes: The Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem Wall and the aquatic living ecosystem with fish, snails and exofic water plants. A semi third biome expression is brought into play where the terrestrial biome shows itself at the base of the wall where it is able to sustainably establish a strong foothold...where terrestrial plant species are used (spathophylum/peace lily and mondo grasses).

Even when being in a new building with the fresh gases coming off of paint, glue, etc (typical of a new building) the system has weathered this threat and settled itself into a beautiful thriving ecosystem. Only a small handful of plants found themselves sacrificed to the war.

Gloriously, the ecosystem has won the battle and the war! It radiated in triumph with beautiful flowery orchids and the freshness of the air in the area surrounding it.