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  • Beautiful, natural and functional air purification
  • Create healthier, happier living - and work - spaces
  • Low maintenance
  • Counteracts the toxins that cause Sick Building Syndrome
  • Brings biodiversity to spaces
  • Acts as a carbon sink
  • Lighting – special UVA/B that creates a vibrational frequency that supports the human immune system and the growth of the plants
  • Users of the space are guaranteed to live 40 more healthy, active years with a system in the space
  • Self-sufficiency - although equipment will be serviced and aesthetics must be maintained
  • Diagnostic program – monitor health and performance
  • Designed to last forever
  • Better overall wellness and health



  • Low maintenance
  • Makes a small space appear more beautiful and larger
  • Better breathing space
  • Lasts forever
  • Looks unique and natural
  • Opens opportunities for homes
  • Increases value of property
  • Admiration among peers and yourself