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Genetron's founder and owner, Wolfgang Amelung is an ecological engineer who has been involved in the creation and development of self-sustaining indoor ecosystems for the past 35 years.

With a BSc. in Biology and Philosophy from York University, Mr. Amelung developed his ‘Breathing Wall’ technology in 1988 - a special, patented process that employs ecosystem principles to purify the environment.

Mr. Amelung’s ‘Breathing Walls’ are truly self-sustaining and, due to their interconnecting nature, have multi-directional beneficial spin-offs. The greatest of the proven benefits has been the creation of fresh, clean air in buildings.


Mr. Amelung has always embraced a dual direction. He has developed technologies that are so badly needed to bring nature's balance back into harmony and at the same time he has "boldly gone forth" in a vision to develop technology that could well allow us to live on other planets.

                                          Mr. Amelung’s commitment to the world is his
                               statement that: “I am the possibility for the transformation
                                            of Humanity through harmony with nature.”