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Rainforest Ecosystem Features;

• A combination of aquatic, terrestrial, waterfall, shoreline, and canopy biomes.
• Fish, Shrimp, Snails, turtles, etc
• Bog areas
• Self-sustaining organisms, high-order ecosystem
• Custom designs
• Elements of a rainforest ecosystem: water, tropical plants and animals
• Reverse-osmosis or rain water to support and allow clean, chemical- and algae-free water to predominate
• Hydroponics-based water circulation system
• Modular circulation system that can be added on to with our planters, breathing wall umbilical, mini-ecosystems and/or fish tanks
• Rock wool and/or lava rock growing mediums
Breathing Wall Features;
• Custom designs
• Reverse Osmosis Water and tap water
• Hydroponic-based water circulation
• Terrestrial Biome
• Fish and shrimp
• High powered, biological filtration system
• High quantity and quality fresh water
• High efficiency fan
• Self-sustaining organisms