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Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystems Technology

Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem technology aims to actively remove contaminants from the air indoors and outdoors using a constructed, high order ecosystem


Indoors the technology is designed through the means of Rainforest ecosystem walls, Breathing walls, Umbilicals, Planters, and/or Progeny Bowls to filter the air by drawing it through clean, fresh water that flows over a thin living water matrix. This flow of water, along with the many other factors and components in the constructed ecosystem, works as part of a high order ecosystem.

"Wolfgang Amelung's Rainforest Ecosystem wall" is the main expression of the ecosystem technology where the most biodiversity comes from in the form of aquatic biomes, waterfalls, terrestrial biomes, shoreline biomes, canopy biomes, cork trees, and bog areas, All of these things working together to create mutually symbiotic relationships in order to clean up CO2 in the air, while being self maintaining.

"Wolfgang Amelung's Breathing wall" is a powerful, dependent system that uses a large fan to pull air through the "Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem Wall" (which has flowing water where the contaminants are removed). The wall is built with small holes all over the back of it's structure, which allows the contaminated air to be drawn evenly and consistently through the wall. The breathing wall uses some small mesh pockets to hold small bog plants and a pump recycles clean, system water continuously over our breathing walls. The recycled water then becomes hungry water, capable of absorbing massive amounts of CO2 in the air. Moss covers this wall and is the foundation plant of this living ecosystem breathing wall, and is the significant factor in sustainably housing the microorganisms specific to removing VOCs.


Outdoors the technology is achieved through means of eco-landscaping, micro-climate planters, and umbilicals. Umbilicals working similarily outdoors as Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem Walls would indoors with the exception of water flow being consistently heated from inside the building during the winter (preferably by the Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem Wall).

When we do eco-landscaping, we start to build the foundation for the best possible garden in order to achieve the same result as we would see in nature. Micro-climate planters work in the same manner except most planters and pots don't allow plants to survive through the winter but with Micro-climate planters the temperature is always at least a degree above zero to ensure plant survival (through means of proper structural build and heater plates/submersible heaters). 


Wolfgang Amelung's Breathing technology is a health-enhancing, extremely efficient air cleaning system as well as a beautiful, ever-changing, functional tropical rainforest biome. This concept of creating a biologically integrated self-sufficient living system, a combination of science and art,  is unique in the world and can best be seen with your own eyes.