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Breathing Wall™

A Wolfgang Amelung Breathing Wall is an active, living air filter that aggressively removes CO2 and harmful particulates from the air, keeping the interior air fresh and healthy. A fan pulls the air through the wall which has a high volume of fresh water constantly running over it to remove the particulates from the air. The water is then filtered by the different ecosystem components, such as other umbilicals and/or the main ecosystem. The breathing wall can be a subcomponent of the Main ecosystem or be an umbilical itself to the main ecosystem. Ideally a breathing wall umbilical should not stand alone or chances are that it would supersaturate and pollute itself. The Breathing Wall has many different biomes (water to land interface environments) that interact and make the wall a powerful, self-sustaining biofilter when connected to an even more powerful system. 

The Breathing Wall is based on the rainforest ecosystem, so all systems include three core elements: plants, animals and a body of water. The plants and animals are a combination of both land and water species. The Breathing Wall relies on the interaction of these species because they serve as bridges in the nutrient cycle. We model from the earth, which is two-thirds water, so it is one of the main Genetron laws to include a large enough body of water for successful design. It is no surprise that it is water that acts as the buffer to sustain and maintain the perfect oxygen, nitrogen and CO2 levels in the air at all times (whether day time or night time).